To my family, from Cleo

This is a thank you letter my neighbor’s new dog wrote to describe her new home and how happy she was with her family.

To my Family;

I started life in a cramped and crowded puppy mill. Mom was a beautiful woman, a pure Beagle with long soft floppy ears. Dad was a true dog’s dog. A handsome Beagle with a long, strong nose. I never really knew Dad and I did not get to be with Mom near enough. I then spent months in a small cage in a pet store. Each day was spent watching and waiting as possible Servants entered, looked me over, then left, leaving me to tearfully wonder if I would ever be loved. Then one glorious summer day, two great men entered the store. They headed straight for my cage, looked me over and said those words of love, “We’ll take this one. Do you gift wrap?” And for this, I Bow Wow in gratitude.

These great men then took me to their castle. A grandiose place with lots of room and a yard that goes for miles and miles in every direction. Or at least it seems like it does. And in this great outdoor space I can run and run and run and run. Not only do I not get into trouble for running, I am cheered and shouted for with approval as I run. Inside the castle, I have hallways and rooms to run through and a couch to jump onto and a nice leather chair to nap in. And for all of this, I Bow Wow in gratitude.

And I have toys and toys and toys. Balls that bounce. Ropes to pull on. Toys to chew on. Toys that roll and roll, sometimes under the chair. Toys to chase when tossed for me. Toys to play with when everyone is busy. Toys to enjoy every beautiful day in my castle and it’s estate. I have squeeze toys that squeak. I also have a monkey that screams. I could do without that monkey. For all my toys and all the fun I have with them, I Bow Wow in gratitude. However, I Bow Wow at the monkey.

The food in my castle is so, so good. The regular chow is fit for a Queen, and the Queen I am, so I eat it. And I get special foods like cucumbers which I love. And I get leafy lettuce which I love to munch on and cherry tomatoes – my favorite because I can hide them and play with them like little balls. And then when I find them later, I can eat them. Sometimes I also get freshly cooked chicken as a treat. But only sometimes, mostly when Joe is trying to teach me something and he thinks I will learn if I get food. I guess he never noticed, I am only a dog. And I love all the great healthy food that makes me feel great, I Bow Wow in gratitude.

And I so love my family. I have Joe who yells at me when I do something he doesn’t want me to do. Which is okay because everyday he takes me for a walk and I get to see the world and visit with the pheasants in my kingdom. Then there is Ed, who plays with me and holds me and pets me. And, of course, I have Nana who comes home and says she has work to do, but she always plays with me, I really look forward to Nana coming home. Then there is Uncle John, who does not visit often enough, but he brings me toys, so he’s a keeper (at least for now). For all my great family I Bow Wow in gratitude.

I never knew, when I cried myself to sleep at night in that cage just how great life would be. And what a great life it is, and so I Bow Wow in gratitude. Then sometimes, I Bow Wow just because it’s fun.

With all my love


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