Personality Lettering

Personality Lettering

This writing is the result of a recent discussion with a friend of mine. We were discussing Personality Types with regards to the letter system. Of course everyone has heard the expressions of Alpha Dog, or type A personalities and the assumed Type B or follower. (I have no idea how follower = B, I would have thought it would be F? but then I don’t have a degree in Psychology or Logic so what do I know.)

I openly admit that I am a Type AAA+ and unlike credit ratings, that is not always a good thing. My friend commented that she personally was previously an A but now was a Z – for Zen.

We then discussed the position that many people we know or have known who consider themselves victims of the world – shall we say V for Victim?

This entire conversation lead to me assuming that maybe what this world was missing was a more detailed break down of Personality Types. Okay, maybe the world does not actually need such a listing, but my website does (and since you are reading this, I assume you must need it also).

A Alpha Mutt A leader, a take charge person, has a ‘get it done and get it done now’ way of looking at things.

B The follower Gets things done, but generally waits for someone else to establish the parameters of the tasks.

C Can’t I can not do that – I am not that _______ fill in the blank as needed. {smart} {talented} {experienced} {good looking}??

D Dependent Has no problem doing things but wants someone to help and guide and assist. This is different then “B” as while B looks for leadership, “D” look for a holding hand.

E Explainer Has to explain everything to everyone with really specific details. (I don’t really care why you painted your house a certain color or why you only buy a certain brand of car.)

F Follower This is my version of “B”, although it is my guess that the reason “B” is used is because of the avoidance of “F” from school which was not good to see on your report card. [And to think that an English teacher once commented that if I got a ‘F’ it would signal an improvement. Shows how little she new, hear I am a poet now.]

G Goodie 2 Shoes You know the type, the ones that just can not help but try to help everyone else with their problems because they have all the answers (well until you actually look at their lives)

H Happy These people are overly Happy. No matter what they are happy. This can be both a good or a bad situation – while I prefer happy, sometime a few tears are a good thing because if you are always so happy, people will want to know what drugs you are taking – and more importantly if you can get them some.

I Idiots Sorry, this is going to make someone mad [like I care, please remember I am an AAA+ or at least an Aaa-], we all know them, they are Idiots. Enough said, sort of. These are the people that walk up to the elevator and press the already lit button that you pushed 5 minutes ago but they assume that now that they are there and they have pressed the button, the elevator will stop what it is doing and hurry to your floor.

J Jerks If I have to explain this one I will need a whole new section.

K Knee-jerk Completely different then “J”, the Knee jerks are those that react to something without considering what caused the initial situation or the long term affects of their ‘Solution’. Key example: a politician who is pandering for votes.

L Late I had to include this one for all the people who are just flat out late for everything. Names will not be mentioned.

M Missing a clue You know them, I know them, we all know them. They have no clue on life or how they are going to get thru the day. Likely does not own a pair of shoes with laces.

N Nanny They can not help but try to take care of someone in their lives. Unlike “G”, “N” wants to nurse maid or feel that someone is dependent on them so they martyr themselves for the sake of the other person.

O Opinionated Yep, that person that has the correct opinion on everything, and please don’t disagree with them. (There are those that are opinionated and others, like me who are just right. You may disagree with this, but then that makes you just an “O”)

P Preppies Those friends predicting the end of society as we know it and they have stored 6 years of food and 4 years of ammo to fend off the wolves from their door. (Who they going to be friends with when the rest of us are dead? Oh, yea, other nut cases with 6 years of food and 4 years of ammo.)

Q Quakers A little to pacifist for me. The difference between Q and Z is Z will actually state their position and accept if you don’t agree. Q will say, um, nothing.

R Really? Those annoying (yes I mean annoying) people that look at you with total disbelief and respond with ‘Really???’ every time you explain something because they have no clue.

S Sky is falling Those people that are always predicting the bad times are ahead, but they seem to also do nothing about it, not even a little bit of “P”.

T Tough Guy Yep, the chip on the shoulder and the person who thinks that the biggest man is the one that can throw the most punches. Needs a little “Q” or “Z” cross breeding.

U Uppers Unlike the pills that UP you, these people specialize in upping themselves to doing something Better, Faster, Cheaper, or what ever compared to everything you have done, where you been and what you have accomplished

V Victims As discussed, their life is the result of everything and everybody, but themselves. This was also once known as the original C for Crier.

W Whatever Takes a disinterested opinion in everything that does not personally affect them and/or anything that they disagree with.

X X-Files Fan Okay, I do not necessarily think that we are alone in the universe, however, I also do not see everything as a GCC (Government Coverup Conspiracy)

Y Yes man (or woman) A little too much kiss up or too agreeable with everyone else’s opinion. Grow up and state your own thoughts for once!

Z Zen Zen is about all you can say, accepts everything for what it is, but is not sarcastic about it, while “W” can be sarcastic.

Ok, this is a work in progress, most of this was written while at Irene’s (restaurant section) on Spring Mountain Road while first waiting on and then second after eating my pizza. I do hope my dietician does not read this or I am going to have to convert from A to E super fast. Alternate meetings for “S” would be Sarcastic and “W” would be Wise ass – something often used with regards to me. But that is just some “O’s” thoughts.

If you have an opinion on what definitions should be, I welcome your comments, however, I have the option being a “W” or if I think it is appropriate, acting like the recommendation was from an “I”. Then again I might go with “Z” and just let it ride or I could assume you are an “O” and go a little “T” on you, which may result in you reverting to a “J”, which will bring out the “E” in me, until I realize that it is my website and I am not a “G” which causes me to return to “A” causing you to feel like a “V”. (Did you figure that one out yet? And you thought those math questions like ‘if Train A is going west at X miles per hour and Train B is going east at C miles per hour, what color was the engineers underwear before they crashed’ were hard to figure out.)

Please enjoy this and have a beautiful life regardless of that you classify yourself as. And remember, we are all a little of the entire alphabet at different times, which is what makes us special.

John Carter

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