My Love Knows No Weather

This poem describes my dog’s relationship with his girlfriend/common law wife (the dog next door). They insisted on playing in the yard no matter what the weather was doing – rain, snow, cold, hot, what ever. It should be noted that I had to endure the weather while they frolicked.


By John Carter, Copyrighted to Arizona Carter
Last Updated: April 2006

My Love Knows No Weather.

No matter what the weather may be;
	I love each minute you are with me.

On sunny days when the sky is so blue;
	I long to be just with you.

On moonless nights the sky is dark;
	But thoughts of you bring happiness to my heart.

In the mid of summer when it is so hot;
	I still long to be near to you a lot.

In the dead of winter when it is so cold;
	My love for you is still so bold.

It may be raining all day long;
	But with you - I still belong.

On cloud filled days, the sky is bleak;
	But thinking of you makes my legs so weak. 

When it snows and the ground is chilled,
	Being with you is my greatest thrill.

When Lighting makes the sky so bright;
	My love for you just feels so right.

Though Thunder may be loud in my ears;
	Your love has filled me all these years.

Regardless what weather the heavens bring;
	My love for you is no simple fling.

In Winter or Spring, in Summer or Fall;
	My love for you will not waiver at all.

No matter what the weather above,
	My being with you - is what I love.

'Zona C

My devotion to you is no small feat;
  Well - at least until it is time to eat.

Each day starts with you as my wish;
  But I still stop to check my food dish.

Each day I am so happy when we meet;
  Yet I will jump with joy when I get a treat.

While thoughts of you put me in a good mood
  To make it through the day, I need my food.

Your ears and neck I love to Nibble
  But in my dish I want some Kibble

When we run and play it is so great,
  But hunger pains will end our date.

There is no doubt you are my greatest pal,
  But oh how much I love my chow.

My time with you can not be beat,
  Until supper time brings me meat.

My time with you is such a big deal,
  Yet, nothing beats a really good meal.

When I see your face my heart does sing,
  But home I run when I hear the dinner bell ring.

For each date I rush to your door,
  But a double cheeseburger I do adore.

When I see your face, my world is a glow,
	Hark? Is something in my food bowl?

(It should be added that a prior romantic involvement of mine described the second part as a little too accurate for our relationship. Well, a guy needs his grub…. And if the woman can’t cook she really should master the art of reservations.)

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