He knows his stuff

So I was thinking about buying some Arizona land being sold from a ranch that was breaking up. They had taken several 640 acre squares and divided them up into parcels of 20 to 60 acres, depending on terrain features. I was with a hunting friend who was looking for a place to practice his ability to put meat the table. I, personally, planned to bring my own ready-to-grill steaks and use it as a get away from the city life.

As we were walking, I see, we will politely say, droppings from an animal. Since many species were know to inhabit the area and never being an animal tracker, I called him over and asked if this was rabbit. No, he advised that was deer. I was shocked based on the ‘size’.

He calls me a short time later as we wondered around the area and pointed to more droppings – those are rabbit he exclaimed.

A while later on another parcel of the tract, he calls to me and says this is elk as he pointed.

Now I had know this gentleman for many years – and now I understood why I admired him and respected him – he really knew his shit.

FYI – This is actually a true story and was the day I found my dog, Arizona

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