Global Warming and my thoughts

Global Warming

Lots of people are arguing it is or is not happening. And if it is, what the reason for it is or is not. Ok, I will now weigh in my 2 cents. I don’t doubt there are some climate changes – but the earth has had a climate in flux since the being. Recently somewhere like Norway or Sweden or something like, melting glaciers reveled the remains of a long lost farming couple that had disappeared 80 years ago. Of course the alarmists all screamed about the melting glacier as proof that the climate was warming. My question is – how did they get covered by the glacier in the 1st place? At the time they disappeared, the area was a meadow where they were gracing cattle. It would seem to be the glacier that buried them formed after they disappeared.

Many times cities have approved of high rise construction where the designers and builders were being cute and made the buildings reflective. Some almost mirrored like. The result – the areas around the buildings were confronted with baking, burning reflected rays. IN Las Vegas, a situation was so bad with reflections from a curved, reflective hotel, that parts of the pool area where deemed unsafe during parts of the day.

But I digress. I believe this firmly in my heart that a key reason we are seeing higher temperatures especially in urban areas is:

wait for it….

Asphalt, Black Top; what ever you want to call that black tar mixture used to cover streets.

Tonight (July 28, 2017) I had dinner with a friend. She dropped me off at about 9PM, after the sun and long ago crested behind the west side mountains. However, as I walked to my driveway, the black road surface under my feet was still burningly hot. Once I reached the concrete sidewalk (oh yea – whitish) the temperature dropped noticeably.

Places with less paving, places with less steel/metal that is allowed to bake in the sun and then re-radiate the heat into the evening, places with less reflective surfaces are all places with moderated temperature spikes. Twenty miles from the lights of Las Vegas it is just as hot during the day – but drops substantially more once the sun goes down.

Is the stopping the use of ‘asphalt’ the solution to possible global warming? I don’t know. But I do know changing how we pave our pathways to a better lifestyle might change a lot of the challenges facing the future Earth.

This is just my opinion, you are entitled to yours as I am to mine.

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