For My Valentines

What does a Valentine mean to me?

V is for the Very Special way I feel when I think of you
A is for the Allure you provide to want to be near you
L is for the Love that you give that is so special
E is for the Excitement I feel when I see your smile
N is for Nice but it does not describe how great you are
T is for the Thrill I feel when you are near
I is for Influence of greatness that you provide
N is for Never enough of your presence is sufficient
E is for the Enthusiasm to life you give to everyone


All of which adds up to how special you are to me.

Happy Valentine’s Day

The above peom was written for two special young ladies in my life. To those that know me personally, you already know who they are. To The Ladies – I feel this way every day about you. Orginally published in 2009.

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