A Movie at the Mall

So it was a nice casual afternoon at the mall with the GF. She wanted to see a movie so I agreed and to the theaters we headed. Of course we disagreed on seeing an action movie with lots of chase scenes and some romantic flick about finding love again. You already know which one was selected.

The basis of the movie was that after the guy’s one love of his life is tragically taken away from him, he struggles to move on and seek out a new partner. I raised the point that if she was his one love, how could there be another love – after all: one implies one not more then one. My ear still tingles from being flicked.


After the movie we were sitting in the food court and having a snack and sharing a large soda. She commented that if anything ever happened to her, she would want me to go on. To find someone new. To have love in my life.

I (foolishly) said, “Really? Awesome!” I then proceeded to look around the mall – checking the menu you might say. About then I was now wearing the large soda which was ceremoniously dumped on me.

I then learned the Food Court has a blame the victim policy. Although she dumped the soda on me (I am the victim here), the manager asked ME not to return.

Live and learn is the saying.

Somehow, I keep living and not exactly learning.

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