A Mother’s Kiss

A Mother’s Kiss

John Carter
Last update: August 21, 2009


A Mother’s Kiss

Ten little fingers and ten miniature toes;
Two tiny ears, one cute itty-bitty nose.

Eyes wide open at the wonders of the world;
It don’t matter if its a boy or girl.

A round bantam belly, a petite toothless grin;
Just hints of dimples on each side of the chin.

A cry that pierces the silence of the night;
But a smile that makes it all just right.

A diminutive giggle that dissolves problems away;
A bundle of love and joy – to hold all day.

A wisp of hair on a soft, round head;
And stuffed animals to keep company whist in bed.

Her child held close to her breast;
A Mother’s love will never cease nor rest.

And with one kiss on the forehead that first day;
All the discomfort, the pain, the agony – goes away.

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