You ask if you are beautiful?

I wrote this for someone who was down on herself after her bo at the time said she was not beautiful. She asked me if I thought she was beautiful. By the way, she is very pretty and very beautiful and a talented professional dancer. Who ever said “words can never hurt me” was wrong, dead wrong.


You ask if you are beautiful?

A poem by John Carter

You ask if you are beautiful, but that is hard to say;
For what really defines beautiful, anyway?

Is beautiful the colorful display of a flowered bouquet;
Or is it the fresh air scent on a rainy day?

Is beautiful the affectionate look in a pet’s loving eyes;
Or is it the kaleidoscopic array of the morning’s sunrise?

Is beautiful the feelings you enjoy with a new car’s pep;
Or could it be more the joy experienced with a new dance step?

Is beautiful the complete happiness a lover allows you to feel;
Or could it be the tasteful ecstasy of a home cooked meal?

Is beautiful the sight of birds soaring on the wind;
Or is beautiful more like the caring ear of a cherished friend?

You ask if you are beautiful, and I might be forced to say no;
Because these beautiful things pale – when compared to your special glow.

John C. Carter © 2007

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