This site is just a hobby.

This site is just a hobby. It contains (or will as I finish them) some self help informational guides – a few for free and a few for fee. It also contains some of my literary works. It should be noted that I am using the term literary loosely, I am not sure many others would say my writings are note worthy. But then this is my site so I can say anything I want. From time to time I will randomly update sections or subjects based on what is on my mind, so the only way to find anything new is by looking around.

All works on this website are protected and are copyrighted. They may only be used if copyrights and author credits remain intact. They are free to use on non-profit websites, in class rooms (maybe as examples of things Not to do?) or for other educational or non-commercial uses. (If you use them, let me know so I can gloat about it.)

The By Others section is works that were created by other authors and I include them here because of their message. Credit for the works is given where known. If you have something (by yourself or someone else) that you would like to see included here, please forward it to me for consideration. On March 12, 2011, I added what I think is one of the most important short stories I have ever posted. It is called Economics and People, please read it. Thank you.

If you feel a desire to critique, you may use the contact form. However, opinions are like farts, everyone has them and everyone’s but your own stinks – and sometimes your’s sticks also. I accept input, but will not necessarily change anything unless I think it makes it better. If you disagree – write your own stuff and create your own website. Smile you’re on candid website.